Statement, May 2023

Statement, May 2023
About the “Polish anti-war movement”.

Today Poland is indeed an American and Western semi-colony. It has to be really understand that to perceive the other aspects in our country. There are no large national monopolies, investments flow from the EU which is developing the country only for its own interests and the United States has military bases in Poland. In short, it is not an imperialist state, but a semi-colony. In fact, nearly 40% of people live in the countryside, more than 80% of people say they are believers [in God] and in the last elections only 61% of Poles voted. So many illustrations to show that Poland is not at the level of development of Western countries, precisely because they prevent it from developing by maintaining their hold and encouraging polish masses to emigrate.

Poland lost its independence with the social-imperialist USSR(after 1953), it lost it again by aligning itself with Western capitalism. It has become an economic satellite of the European Union, as a bridgehead also towards Eastern Europe in general. Above all, it has become a political satellite of the American imperialist superpower. And as it wants to maintain its world hegemony, it is ready to use Poland as a pawn in the world war.

While the contradictions between China and the United States are becoming stronger, the whole world is running to conflict between these two blocs. It is this aspect which is the main contradiction of our time, that is to say the war for the redistribution of the world.

It is the news that counts more than all the others, and to relegate this aspect to the secondary plan today constitutes a serious political error. This means that passing off a subject other than that of the confrontation between the imperialist blocs as a main subject is disconnected from reality.

And there is a main enemy: the American bloc, the Western bloc, of which our country has remained a satellite since the 1990s. This is because in our country, it is American imperialism which is present, for example through its military bases, that it constitutes the main enemy. Thus any initiative that thwarts the plans of the American imperialists must be considered fair and on the right side of history. However, this must be done on a frankly internationalist line and of national sovereignty.

Polish nationalism, which imagines reestablishing a great power in Eastern Europe at the expense of neighboring countries, serves as a useful idiot. It’s the dialectic of history: the more Polish nationalism pretends that Poland is getting stronger, the more it actually loses its independence to the American game.

However, in Poland, the movement against the American imperialists and their Western lackeys is not exactly what can be called progressive. It doesn’t matter, it’s just a historical detour.

Indeed, today the “Poland Anti-War Movement” is a mass organization generated by fascists and the far-right, anyone who looks even for a moment at their symbol or statements  notices that they are nationalists, they are using the  polish eagle an olive branch and wearing an imperial crown.

This is why it is our duty to be against imperialist war and to agitate against it.

The fascists are not the friends of peace, they are always the friends of imperialism, or worse intend in an irrational way to develop the country so that it itself becomes an imperialist country. But the project of the “Polish anti-war movement” is to substitute the pro-Western bourgeoisie with a pro-Eastern bourgeoisie, it is only a draw, nothing more, and not concrete anti-imperialism.

If we stick only to the slogans “no to the Americanization of Poland”, “no to the Ukrainianization”, “let’s not go to war, this is not our war”, it is difficult to speak out against them. However it is necessary to dig into what the fascists hide, under the slogan “truth, family, property” there is the will to perpetuate the barbaric satellite capitalist society where daily life rhymes only with alienation and exploitation, in the service of foreign imperialism. It is a reactionary movement against the war, which wants to increase ever more the capitalist oppression on the Polish masses.

Against Americanization, really?

The fascists close to the Konfederecja [Polish far-right party] who are the origin of the movement spoke out “against the Americanization of Poland” while they themselves worked for the Americanization of Poland. Leszek Sykulski, co-founder of the movement, was an adviser to President Lech Kaczynski between 2006 and 2010, for international security affairs. In 2015 he was a candidate for Nowoczesna, a liberal, pro-EU and pro-American party, to end up being a candidate for the senatorial elections in 2019 of Konfederacja.

The “Polish anti-war movement” is not against Western imperialisms, it criticizes them in a timid way and is content to criticize the United States, yet at no time is NATO mentioned on its website, as well as the other imperialist countries which, alongside the United States, have made Poland a semi-colonial, semi-feudal country are not mentioned. And that’s normal, it’s because they don’t really want Poland’s independence, otherwise these gentlemen would look to the future, to socialism. They want Poland to continue to be a western satellite, simply to have greater autonomy.

Against Ukrainianization, really?

While the Ukrainian masses are the first victims of the American imperialists, who use them as cannon fodder in their war against Russia, the “Polish anti-war movement” intends to condition Polish military aid to Ukraine if it stop being banderists.

This is of course impossible, the very nature of the Ukrainian regime is banderist.

The “Polish anti-war movement” opposes welcoming Ukrainian refugees to Poland, yet we must support any initiative that would allow the West not to win[the War]: we must welcome with dignity Ukrainians fleeing their own regime and the war of which they are only cannon fodder for the Americans. However, welcoming refugees does not mean complete resettlement in Poland, it means allowing people to live in decent conditions, helping workers not to suffer a war that is not theirs, helping a democratic and popular camp to be reborn in Ukraine, that means a progessist political camp in Ukraine to reborn.

Especially since the Ukrainians represent a national minority in Poland, and were already so before the war, and should therefore have the same rights as Polish masses. However, they are all more exploited than the Polish workers, as they constitute a labor force less expensive for the polish bourgeoisie.

Poland is today a Western satellite country, so in fact Poland is already in a situation of Ukrainianization…

It’s not our war, really?

Not a word about the military exercises organized in Poland, about the militarization of our country, about the strengthening of our borders, about the military training for Ukrainians.

The ‘’Polish anti-war movement” does not want to support Ukraine militarily, but that is not a correct position: all non-humanitarian aid must be prevented. We cannot train Ukrainian soldiers on our national territory!

No training, no exercises, no sending of weapons, no entry into the conflict!

If Poland entered the conflict, it is certain that some of these nationalists would change their mind, for example in the name of defending Lviv, since, unlike internationalism, it is national chauvinism that guides them politically. They are the representatives of bureaucratic capitalism, that is to say the representatives of a fraction of the Polish bourgeoisie which would like to make Poland an expansionist regime. That’s why they don’t want going to war in the name of the United States; they would like to go it alone, so that Poland can regain it historical “greatness”.

In short, the “Polish anti-war movement”, is not against unjust wars, it is against wars in which Poland stands to lose more than to win… Let’s unmask the fascists who say they want peace, but fight for the war !

The War in Ukraine has the confrontation between the United States and China in the background. Our country has had its camp imposed on itself: the corrupt and decadent West. Russia is on the side of China. The “anti-war movement” arises from the fact that there is no serious alternative to Americanism and NATO among the Polish Left, but it risks leading the masses to barbarism just as much. It political agenda is simply to change the reigning imperialism in Poland, to restore a semi-feudal society in Poland.

Let us stand with other people around the world who reject US imperialism and NATO. Only the masses can annihilate barbarism, that’s why our site was launched. And although our interventions are not regular, it is because we intend to study our country in the most serious way possible, they must exist to thwart the imperialists.

It is up to us communists to do the important theoretical work of putting the archives of past experiences online, to take a stand, to advance the level of consciousness against war. It must be remembered: the only thing that can put an end to the race to war is revolution. But in fact, the masses have a far too low level of consciousness in Poland because we are an American satellite.

War on war!
Down with American imperialism, the main enemy of the peoples of the whole world!
Down with all his lackeys who serve it!

For the defeat of the West and its camp!

Down with Chinese imperialism, which intends to take the place of the United States, with its lackeys like Russia.

Long live the world revolution against the war of repartition of the world!

People all over the world will defeat the paper tigers!

Let us follow the path indicated by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao!

Let us study the lessons of the historical experience of Chairman Gonzalo!

For an Independent Poland! New, Democratic and Popular!

Until communism: People’s War!

Communist Core (MLM),
9th May 2023